About Northwest ImageShare


NORTHWEST IMAGESHARE  is a collaboration between Harrison Medical Center, The Doctors Clinic, Harrison Imaging, and Harrison Health Partners to overcome the technical challenges of accessing patient images and information among competing entities and, as a result, to improve patient care.

Initiated and led by Harrison Medical Center, the group designed a cloud-based regional imaging management solution, consisting of one data center and one image archive they could all share. Each entity’s information is securely partitioned in the archive, but when a patient visits different providers, all relevant images and reports are available. On behalf of Northwest ImageShare, Harrison Medical Center utilizes its data center, and hosts and manages the PACS software, hardware and staff, and acts as first-level support.

What does this mean to you?

NorthWest ImageShare will:

  • eliminate the need for duplicate scans
  • provide cost savings
  • improve quality of care
  • provide a single PACS interface that can be accessed by mobile devices